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Extra Information About Importing

Stock Cars:

ADJ Japan has a wide range of quality used cars in stock which are always ready to export to anywhere around the globe.

Inspection Sheet Tranlation:

We offer basic inspection of cars before the departure which includes Engine, gearbox, check lamps or any other minor or major problem to insure the best quality.


We offer individual ​experienced account manager​s to our valued customers who are buying cars after careful inspection.​ ​A separate auction account to our valued customers ​will also be offered ​through which they can browse and bid on any car(s) coming in auction​ themselves​.


To bring the costs down, ADJ JAPAN offers Free on board (FOB) shipping plan to its valuable customers, where the customer pays shipment freight in all over Europe at the arrival of cars to their destinations.

Necessary Documents:

There are certain documents necessary to prove ownership of a vehicle and register it. These include: de-registration / export certificate, commercial invoice and bill of lading. ADJ will send you these documents by DHL

Year Restriction:

here is no year restriction to any of the European countries.

VRT Calculator:

For your convenience, click here to calculate VRT(Vehicle Registration Tax) for any car.


About Auto Deals Japan
Auto Deals Japan deals in vehicles import and export around the world. We import Japanese used and new vehicles on demand. We have huge stock available at in our auction houses. Choose from Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Suzuki, Lexus, Daihatsu and much more options to explore. We give direct access to live auctions you can find your dream car from our inventory and auctions. Pay online with few easy steps or reserve your dream car.
  Why People Choose Us?
We always provide high quality vehicles on customer demand anywhere around the world with hassle free trusted online payment process i.e paypal and stripe.
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We sell Japanese used and new cars online from live Japanese auction and from our current stock. We buy cars on demand and ship to your country port.
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